New Start!

The style of the old site has been used for many years. Now, I changed the whole site for the new version. In addition to software, I’ll write more about the I Ching, Feng Shui, Purple Star Astrology (zi wei dou shu), and 4 Pillars of Destiny (ba zi) articles. And, I will develop more software for chinese astrology, if you have any needs and views, please email me. on the right side of this website, you can subscribe to my RSS feed, or subscribe via email, timely access to the latest information.

6 thoughts on “New Start!”

  1. On the time zone, there are two factions, one faction support convert to Chinese time zone, another faction support use local time, my Purple Satr Astrology software will not automatically calculate the time zone, if you support converted to China time, you can convert their own.

  2. What are the chinese names of all the stars? You told us the english names but we don’t know the chinese ones.

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